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New schedule for Pack 19 – “2017 Adopt a Park”

Below is the website link for the program.

We contacted the township and are signed up for cleaning areas 6, 9, 12 and 13. (See map below).  If we split into 5 groups (by Dens), we can staff one clean up day a month from January to May.

Assignments below:

January….  Webelos II

February… Webelos I

March…  Bears

April… Wolves

May… Tigers

Adopt A Park Site Program- Memorial Park. Choose your Memorial Park site from the options below and send your selection to to Tracey Woods,


Maplewood Dad of 3 who can be spotted at various kids' sports games or theatre productions or cub scouts or girl scouts, or playing paddle or tennis, or out for a drink, or at a StudioB event, or just hanging out.

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